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why to use natural dyes

φhillacolor is a brand leading in the sustainability, especially in sustainable textile dyeing. We want to be a part of the awareness raising process of sustainability in textiles and fashion, for final costumers and manufacturers. Φhillacolor project began in collaboration with Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T.


raw materials

φhillacolor products are made from water of the local water supply and natural sources, leaves, roots, berries, bark, flowers and spices. We use vegetable sources of no protected plants, from local fields and forests collected in different seasons and other traditional dye plants from certified and qualitied supplies.

The project wants to develop as much as possible local dye plants, especially wild plants, for supporting a more sustainable cycle of production. The cultivation of local raw materials reduces consumptions and promote the local heritage.

Our colors and dyeing techniques

Hot dye with natural concentrated “DYE” Traditional dyeing technique by immersion bath, 40°- 80° temperature, large amount of water required.

Steam dye with natural concentrated “DYE” Dyeing technique by absorption, 90° temperature, for creating shades of color, low amount of water required.

Cold dyeing/painting with natural “ACQUERELLO”, natural “TEMPERA” and natural “BATIK” Dyeing technique by absorption, very low amount of water required.


We produce natural dyes for fabrics, our product are concentrated liquid dyes, pre-extracted from natural sources. After dilution into a water solution in the right percentage, they can be used for dyeing fibers, yarns, fabrics and garments.

They are prepared with 100% natural materials and they not contain any chemical substance.

Easy and fast to use, they are suitable for diyers and eco lovers, artisans and textile industries.

Compared to the most common natural dyestuff (raw dyestuff, pigments, powdered extracts), which require a long dyeing process to extract the color, strain the liquid and controlling the dyebath, our products are ready to use in order to save time and energy, and designed to easily manage the dyeing process, in order to reach a best color result.

Our goal it’s to let more people familiar to natural dyes although to support textile/dyeing artisans and industries to improve and speed up production.

Choose a natural dye to know more

life cycle

During the production process we mainly use natural raw materials, water and electricity.

Because water is a precious resource, we want to reduce all waste.

There is usually some residual color remaining in the exhaust dyebath, to avoid waste of water and color and maximize the process, the dyebath may be reused to dye materials with lighter shades or recharged with additional color.

At the end of the production cycle, as the water contains organic residuals only, without oily or any toxic waste, the dyebath can be disposed of into sewers or as ideal fertilizer for use in agricultural field or to water the garden.

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