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Indigofera Tinctoria


Indigofera tinctoria, is a deciduous spreading tropical shrub or subshrub of the pea family. It grows wild in Africa, in Australia and South-East Asia. It was introduced in many places, in other areas of Asia and in the Caribbean with an environment impact due to the large reproduction.


Leafy twigs of Indigofera tinctoria are the main sources of the indigo dye used since very ancient times for dyeing textiles blue. The leaves and twigs do not contain indigo but colourless precursors that must be extracted and processed to produce the indigo dye Leaves of this plant contain indican. Dye is obtained by fermentation of the leaves which converts the indican into the blue dye indigotin.




To produce indigo for textile dyeing, as natural hair dye. In traditional medicine leaf extracts are used to treat many diseases.