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Acquerello Natural Mare

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Acquerello naturale temporale Cold Natural Dye for Dyeing /Painting Fabric



“Acquerello” is designed and crated by Phillacolor for dyeing and painting on natural materials.– 150 ml - 250 ml - 1000 ml
It’s made from water and natural sources only.
The product is 150/ 250 / 1000  ml of concentrated water-based dyes ready for use.
It can be dilute in water to achieve light, medium and dark colors.
It can be mixed with other Acquerello dye.
It’s suitable for dyeing and painting slightly lightweight and slightly heavy fabric.
For cold use.

Once opened, we recommend to store the jar in the fridge if used the next few days, or to freeze for longer time. Close the jar well after use.

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150 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml

Water from the Aosta Valley aqueducts, leaves and other unprotected plant essences from our meadows and woods in the different seasonal periods. Discover the raw materials used for this dye.