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Vegetal footprint (Complete monthly package)

19,99 for each 1 month with 5 rinnovi


This e-course explore fabric painting and printing techniques with natural elements as Leaves, Spices and Vegetables.

You learn
How to dye, paint and print on fabric with Phillacolor Natural Dyes in a creative and sustainable way!

E-course contents
5 classes - Total time 60 minutes

Quantity of Natural dyes needed
Classes 8.       10  ml Tempera
Classes 9.    200  ml DYE/Acquerello + 10  ml Tempera
Classes 10.     60  ml Tempera
Classes 11.      50  ml DYE/Acquerello + 60  ml Tempera
Classes 12.   100  ml DYE/Acquerello + 150  ml Tempera




This e-course explore fabric painting and printing techniques with natural elements as Leaves, Spices and Vegetables for creating special effect and unique patterns.
You will be able to create your own clothes or accessories, a 100% natural and unique piece.
Natural dyes are organic, safe, sustainable and uniques.

It’s a practical class

Following step by step the instructions, you will immediately practice the techniques you have learned with your clothes and textile accessories, as long as they are made with natural fibre. Put into practice and explore the techniques it’s the best way to improve your skills and make your own creations.
In each class you will test and dye different natural materials and different textile items, all natural sustainable and unique.

Dyeing methods

You will learn new and sustainable dyeing methods which require low amount of water and electricity. In these tutorials you will learn “steam dye” method.

Skills required

Good manual skill

This e-course is for

  • Nature lovers
  • People interested in sustainability
  • Anyone who wants to explore Phillacolor Natural Dyes

Additional information


Class 8 - Natural Impressions - white background 9:24
Class 9 - Natural Impressions - background color 14:32
Class 10 - Natural Impressions - shibori 13:16
Class 11 - Natural Impressions - mandala 12:53
Class 12 - Natural Impressions - shades 10:21

Number of classes: 5

Videos length: 60'

Water from the Aosta Valley aqueducts, leaves and other unprotected plant essences from our meadows and woods in the different seasonal periods. Discover the raw materials used for this dye.