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Natural Screen Printing Leather Felce

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Natural Screen Printing Leather Felce for printing leather
500 ml - 1000 ml

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Product made of water and natural rewable raw materials, by φhillacolor recipe.

Available in 500 ml and 1000 ml jar.

Screen Printing Leather products are specifically designed and created by φhillacolor for printing animal leather.
Ready for use.
Unique shade.

Leather recommended
Screen Printing leather colors are suitable for animal leather.
We work with biodegradable leather from CYCLICA ( as in accordance with our standards. The waste materials come from traceable and sustainable production.

Shake and stir well before use.
Always mordant the leather before dyeing with φhillacolor products (please follow cold mordanting leather instructions).

Product maintenance
Expiry date is approx 6 mounths. 
Store in a cool and dry place, once opened, if possible, store in the fridge if not used in the next days.
Tightly close the container after use.

For further informations please contact φhillacolor

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Water from the Aosta Valley aqueducts, leaves and other unprotected plant essences from our meadows and woods in the different seasonal periods. Discover the raw materials used for this dye.