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“Screen Printing” Cocciniglia

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“Screen Printing” Natural Colors “ Cocciniglia “



“ Screen Printing “ Natural Colors
Natural Colors for “Screen Printing”

Product life
Once you get your blend, “Screen Printing” Color can be used even at a later time if well preserved, away from light and heat, and protected from contaminations.

Raw materials and integrated pretreatment 
Screen Printing Colors are 100% made of organic materials, without addition of chemical additives.
The previously mordanting process of the fabric is not required, pretreatment is integrated in the product.

“Screen printing” Natural Colors are suitable for natural fibers only
They have been tested on 100% Silk Shoi, 100% Silk Pongè 8, 100% Wool, Gauze 70% Wool 30% Silk, 100% Tencel.
Since different materials can get different results, we always suggest to test the color for each fabric to achieve the best result.

Color fixing
Static Heating Screen Printing, temperature 150°, time from 1 to 3 minutes (depending on the fabric)
Note: for Static heating we mean heat source as oven or heat gun drier

Wash in cold water (30° or less) with mild soap on a ratio soap/water 1/20. Do a delicate cycle (400 rpm), lay flat to dry, iron with no steam. For clothes we suggest to wash on reserve side and iron on right side

Shake well the product before using!
Keep the product away from light and heat, maximum recommended temperature 18°.


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50 ml, 150 ml

Water from the Aosta Valley aqueducts, leaves and other unprotected plant essences from our meadows and woods in the different seasonal periods. Discover the raw materials used for this dye.